Rutledge Productions

  • Old Dog Never Die

    Over his 71 years, Harry Dunn has been through a war, married to the woman of his dreams for 50 years, widowed and had a mechanical relationship with his son. For Harry's 71st birthday he wants to take on his biggest adventure yet; ride a bicycle across the country. The only problem is, Harry Dunn has never learned how to ride a bike

  • Withdrawn

    Arthur and his 'gang' plan a bank heist where they intend to loot a particular safe deposit box – the owner of which has been sleeping with Arthur's wife. There's just one problem. Arthur suffers from Dissociate Identity Disorder and the members of his 'gang' are simply his own multiple personalities

  • Richard Watson Files

    Chosen by his superiors to investigate a governmental contractor, Agent Watson finds there is more to the story than what he was told.